For me, It's all about the process.



Design is not a bandaid that is applied to a project. It is foundationally understanding the problem, asking the right questions, and working towards implementing creative solutions.



By focusing on what we should create, we set ourselves up to arrive at our destination better prepared. Focused. Specific. Applicable.

"Certainity is a closing of the mind."
- Milton Glaser.



Bringing ideas to market. This is the most important and rewarding part of coming up with ideas. Ideas are cheap. Execution is priceless.

Why be your worst enemy! Get out there and start something.

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Knowing the difference.

Across a range of platforms and constraints, my work always seeks to understand the reason for something to exist. I create to express and share my thoughts on what I think it means to live authenticly. Not creating work that exploits, damages, or seeks to purely turn profit. I do work that is meaningful to me, sheds light to the larger creative community making special interest to not be part of the noise of this world.


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Knoxville TN, USA.


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WDWRK Small Wares Co

Woodworking, Marketing, Design, Entreprenurship

At the end of the 2012 I decided to carve a single wooden spoon as a holiday gift for a friend. At the time, I thought little of it, other then I enjoyed doing that and it was nice. I grew up making projects and woodworking with my father. It was a common sight. That’s where it began. Then at 16, one of my earliest jobs was working for a furniture company who imported goods from South Africa. I worked primarily in refinishing and getting the hang of running portions of the process and taking on deliveries. It was there I began understanding the basics of woodworking.

So, there it was, I started picking it up again, working with wood. During 2013 I began carving spoons that I could give to friends and family as thank you presents for a cross country cycling trip I wanted to take. Everything going to benefit Multiple Sclerosis. Well I did not get the chance to end up going, but that same year I decided to launch the small business idea hand crafting wooden goods.

I Started out with nothing but a single pocket knife I had found, and additionally purchased a metal file. I carved about 100 wooden spoons, and within the next 30 days those spoons sold. Started the next batch and launched a Kickstarter that helped purchase a 14" band saw. Six fast months later I began attending the local Knoxville Farmers Market as a vendor and WDWRK was officially born. Oh, and I did the entire summer farmers market via bicycle, rain or shine, I would bicycle everything into downtown I needed to put on a market. A tent, a table, stands and goods all packed onto a 24" cycling trailer and cross bike.

That same summer, 2014, I became a finalist in both Martha Stewart American Made competition, and a finalist in Garden & Gun's Made in the South Awards. Both celebrating American handcrafted makers across the states. I was pretty chuffed.

Today I am producing several lines of goods and shipping all over the world. The community locally and abroad are the reason it has turned out like it has. It would have looked very different if I did not have so many amazing people guiding me along the way. I have more people to thank then I capable of.

Visit WDWRK Small Wares Co

Bonus: At age of 14, One of the earliest business's I started was a lawn mowing company called YRDWRK.

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Shared collaborative space

Currently in the building phase is a collaborative space for small business and professional artists. To create a space that fosters growth among the business community, hosts the creativity and development for local artists and designers and empowers the local community by providing space to work.

Visit for further development

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Vincent Takes a Holiday

Children's Book, Written and Illustrated

As a child, I wrote a series of short stories I would print out and sell to my neighbor friends for $.25 (Or whatever I could trade for them!). 
I love the experience of sharing simple illustrated stories and realize I am not alone in this.

Vincent takes a holiday is a story about how I believe everyone has a purpose. Everyone has something to offer. It is foundational about teamwork, it’s role in society, and understanding the value of things we do and create together.

It is about a migratory whale who has a daily job cleaning up and sorting the items he finds in the ocean. He leaves for his yearly vacation to the south pole to learn about the oceanic wastelands that exist and rally effort to clean them up together.
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How the world ends

Illustration PERSONAL

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Be Brave Have Grit


BBHG is a personal project that seeks to connect people in the real world to make hard things not so hard. Visit

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Help You Dwell

Video Production / Styling

Taryn McLean & Caroline Smith created a business helping people through transitional changes in life. They do so by assisting with direction, organizing, arranging and by just offering general creativity in the way people live in their homes and offices. Brilliant right!?

With future plans on collaboration, This holiday, I wanted to also spread the word of their current promotional offerings and shoot a quick and easy video.

There was one exception. We had no budget. No crew. No lighting. And about an hour to shoot. Sounds like a challenge. “Alright, Accepted!”

I think we nailed it. The pair nailed their parts in just a few takes and we ended up making an awesome video to boot. Congrats to the oh so talented Taryn and Caroline on your success.


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Video Production and Graphic Design

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Design Sponge

Home Tour | Photography and Styling

I have been following the work of Grace Bonney and her site, DesignSponge for many years now. During that time, I have swooned over the amazing home tours and inspiring posts her team has helped put together. She is quite the creative force.

Our paths crossed, and Grace extended that DS would like to feature my little home on their site.

I spent a few days getting everything in order to shoot (Scrambling) while the weather called for rain for a week straight. It was quite the undertaking, and photographing your home can be quite an endeavor. Doing it all yourself that is.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my home and been included in the tours. In 2015 I look forward to many more opportunities of working with their amazing team. Thanks Grace!!

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While I have not got the opportunity to launch Cold Relief as of yet, It has still proved an excellent lesson into organizing and planning events. The project grabbed the attention of the United Way and they expressed interest in pursueing it. We have since then worked on other small projects, but this would be beginning of the relationship.

The mission of Cold Relief is to promote good health by assisting local charities and providing cold winter care for the needy and underserved population. We would design socks that customers would purchase, and use those funds to assist with limited health care, attention to specific physical needs and clean fresh socks.

Cold Relief is currently not active, but if you are interested in learning more please contact me for details.